ABACUS Education

Abacus training will help any child in Mental calculation, Confidence in Calculation, Listening Power, Concentration and tremendous development of the right brain.


This Course is Available Yet Offline But Coming Soon!! Online

Abacus is method of mental calculation. It is a very unique and scientifically proven concept. Abacus activates the both sides of the brain. All students can achieve calculation speeds that were previously only achievable by math geniuses. Through regular practice of abacus children are able to visualize the image of abacus in their mind.

The concept by the students of Goyal Classes in mental arithmetic computation is the direct result of their ability to do mental calculation by working on a mental image of the Abacus – a right brain oriented function. Students not only become proficient in arithmetic by maintaining 100% accuracy in their computation at a high speed (faster than a calculator), but also proficient in other academic subjects as well.


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