Improve English Handwriting Skills

Role of good handwriting in everyone’s life:-

Handwriting skills                                         Handwriting plays a very important role in everyone’s life. Every scholar wants beautiful handwriting. For a student a good handwriting fetch him good marks. For an adult, it can give great success. Good handwriting can make a person an artist. Some people are gifted by the good handwriting. But those people who are not God gifted should not lose hope. They can try to improve their writing by using the tips given below. Constant practice will definitely help you in improving your handwriting.

How to improve English writing skills:-

                     Writing is a reflection of one’s personality. Everyone has a unique handwriting. If eyes are a mirror to soul then handwriting must be a window. It might be funny but our writing tells so much about us.

Types of English Writing:-

                             We need to learn little things about writing that we don’t take care of in our daily writing. There are so many styles of writing but they are categorized in two major types one is Print style and the other is cursive writing.  In most countries children are taught how to write in print letters before they later advance to cursive writing.Let us know about print style of writing. In this style we lift pen/pencil after each letter.

But if we talk about cursive style of English writing it can tell about our personality, state of mind, hand-eye coordination and even bone structure that effect the way you hold the pen.

It is a style in which some characters are written in following manner generally for the purpose of making writing faster. It is very functional and is intended to be used in everyday writing.

English Writing Font:-

                               Choosing a Font Style is other step for a good handwriting after choosing a type of writing. For example:-

Whenever we start typing in computer we find many styles of font we can choose any style of font. After choosing font all paragraph looks equal with same size and same formation of letters. But when we start writing with hand we don’t get the proper font which can make all written work look similar. It is because we have never learnt a font style.   

At you can learn a proper font style with many other guidelines to improve hand writing. Not only English writing you can improve your Hindi writing also if you join


To improve English cursive writing you need some guidelines and writing tips that are following:-

  1.  You should sit with both elbows on the table.
  2.  You should maintain proper distance from table (i.e. Distance between body and table.)
  3.  You should keep your notebook slightly slanting way, not in straight way.
  4. Always use fountain pen or gel pen when you start writing.
  5. Hold the pen or pencil lightly without pressure.
  6. Do not write with extra pressure on the work book.

                    Do English writing practice by following these given guidelines.

English writing practice online:-

If you want to learn Right Way of Writing and want to write in a right way but want to practice online. You can join our Online English Handwriting improvement course.

In which you learn a proper English writing style, formation of alphabets, size, space between alphabets and many more. These things improve English writing skill.

Calligraphy writing styles in English:

Although both hand lettering and calligraphy are visual art forms related to letters, their main difference is the method used to create the letters. Hand lettering focuses on drawing and illustrating the letters. Calligraphy, on the other hand, is an art of Beautiful Handwriting.

Who can improve English Handwriting:-

There is no Age limit for learning English writing. No matter you are a student, employee, housewife, and businessman. If you are curious to improve your writing you can.

Why handwriting improvement is needed:-

        Even in this era of technology, handwriting remains primary tool of communication and knowledge assessment for students in the classroom, for employee in the training room. Handwriting increases brain activation. In early childhood writing letters improves letter recognition. Better handwriting is also linked to better reading abilities. There are certain rules which when followed will lead to a good handwriting. Handwriting is a something in which just a bit of concentration and practice is required from the beginning.

How much time it takes to improve handwriting:-

        You need regular practice to improve your handwriting. But if you follow the guidelines handwriting can be improved in just 7 days with a little effort. You don’t need to give much time to improve handwriting. As per the instructions you need one hour daily.

What you learn in handwriting improvement course;-

                           It is the easiest way to improve handwriting in just 7 days. In this course you will learn formation of letters, joining of letters, Sentence writing, paragraph writing. If you practice regularly you will find a great change in your writing. It will be a new and improved writing when you will write after 7 days of handwriting program.

Benefits of writing improvement program:-

        Writing improvement program enables development of lifetime skills which form a solid academic foundation for children. Our successful step by step guidelines and motivational teaching method will effectively activate children’s talent, mental power and develop them. Children become self-reliant and self-confident.

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